At Rockhound Advisory Corp., our team of geological wellsite supervisors are motivated to provide you with the best professional service.

By meeting and exceeding our client-specific drilling program requirements, our integrated wellsite supervision services focus on the drilling of conventional and unconventional resources plays.


We are passionate.

Rockhound is a passionate, professional team with a broad depth of experience that allows us to keep our clients in the target zone longer while recognizing geological hazards. We help ensure an integrated and efficient onsite operational drilling team.

We are evolutionary.

By using the most efficient practices and evolutionary technology, our services are designed to exceed each of our clients' specific drilling program requirements. 

We are performance driven.

Our employees and contractors have hands-on oilfield experience and they understand what it takes to get the job done right.


Originating in West Central Saskatchewan’s booming Viking Oil Play, Rockhound Advisory Corp. began as TTR Consulting Services in 2010, by Tyler Tolton-Ropchan as an individual wellsite geologist. By 2013, Tyler’s team had grown from 1 geologist to 5, each year taking on new opportunities and challenges. In November of 2017, it was unanimously decided to change the name to Rockhound Advisory Corp. to encompass our evolution to becoming more than your typical wellsite geology company. Currently Rockhound has 10-20 Wellsite Geologists, 4 Drilling/Completions Supervisors and a Senior Drilling and Completions Engineer, our team is always looking for new challenges and will find the right personnel for each project. Rockhound holds a Certificate of Authorization to practice Geoscience in the Province of Saskatchewan by APEGS and a Permit to Practice Geoscience in Alberta by APEGA.
With offices in Calgary, Alberta and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, our team of consultants are experienced in drilling petroleum and natural gas properties across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB). Our diverse repertoire includes front-end seismic operations, hands-on drilling and completion operations, basic mud logging, oil sands strat well/coring operations, full-scale commercial SAGD programs, large-scale exploration, operations geology, salt cavern development, and development drilling in West Central Saskatchewan.
Our consultants are available on short notice for any drilling needs you may have.

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Tyler A. Tolton-Ropchan, P.Geo.

Test Employee

James Aaron Mclean, P.Geo., MBA

Vice President & Geosteering Specialist
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Wayne Allen, P.Geo.

Sr. Geologist
Test Employee

Holly Nixon, B.Sc.

Wellsite Geologist
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Shane Dickson, B.Sc.

Wellsite Geologist - Geosteerer